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WTF are Emotions?!

Emotions are chemical consequences of past experiences.

The most ancient idea in the art of healing is that disease is caused by imbalances in the body. Trapped emotions are the most common type of imbalance human beings suffer from. Dr. Bradley Nelson believes that trapped emotions can be implicated in nearly all diseases and has seen great success in healing patients through releasing trapped emotions.

Everyone has a trapped emotion, whether it be suffering from the loss of a loved one, feelings of inferiority, a troubled upbringing, work or home stress, divorce or relationship problems, negative self-talk, and the list goes on.

So how do emotions form?

As our senses record incoming information from our environment, clusters of neurons organize into networks. When you freeze into a pattern, the brain makes a chemical that is then transported throughout the body. This chemical is called an emotion. The memory of an event can become branded neurologically in the brain, and stored permanently in our gray matter. The emotion is then stored in our body, and that is how our past becomes our biology. (Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural, 2017)

We all have gone through some sort of trauma, or an experience that has threatened us in some way, and our sympathetic nervous system has taken over. This is your fight-or-flight nervous system and it uses an enormous amount of energy in response to the stressor.

Typically, when the stressful event is over, our bodies go back to balance within hours, increasing our energy levels and restoring our vital resources. But, if the stress doesn’t end within hours, our bodies may never return to balance.

Unfortunately for most of us, we can’t seem to get out of the fight-or-flight mode and end up reliving the same experience over and over again in our subconscious. That keeps us under chronic stress, which leads to illness, and an inability to heal. Human beings are able to turn on a cascade of stress hormones by thought alone. This keeps us sick and unable to overcome the smallest of inconveniences.

If you are interested in learning how to overcome your stress response and restore your body’s natural healing abilities follow the link below to book a free consultation with me.

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