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My Journey from Chronic Lyme Disease to Complete Health

Updated: May 27, 2021

Prior to becoming ill, I had always been an avid gym goer and athlete, mainly playing high level hockey throughout high school and university. I played for the Newmarket Hurricanes Jr. A Hockey team from ages 15-17 prior to going to Queen’s University to obtain my undergraduate degree in business. During my first year of Jr. A hockey I was concussed to the point of having to stay in a dark room for months. I had to make up the school I missed during the summer and missed out on playing a whole season. During my final year of Jr. A, I won the Scholastic Player of the Year Award, and decided to pursue continuing education and avoid further injury. While at Queen’s University, I continued playing hockey for the Gananoque Islander’s Jr. B team which wasn’t as competitive, but still allowed me to play the sport I loved. Fitness had always been one of my top priorities and I had always taken my health for granted. After every season of hockey was finished, I would work with a Personal Trainer to improve my overall fitness level and hockey skills, but I had never worked with a nutritionist. I feel as this is the case for most young athletes. There is not enough effort made to teach about how to properly fuel our bodies. Additionally, I trained with an MMA coach because he loved the intensity of the workouts.

Although I was an athlete, my diet and my overall health were not my main focus. I thought that because I was so active that my nutrition intake was not something to worry about, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every winter I would get a sinus infection, and every winter I would be put on antibiotics. I had become antibiotic resistant through a medically suggested abuse of antibiotics. So, not only was I not getting proper nutrition, but my immunity was comprised by the very people that I thought were supposed to keep me healthy, doctors. I was chronically injured and by the time I was 15 I had both shoulders surgically repaired as well as had many sprains and tears all over my body. My diet just continued to get worse and during my first few years at university I had no idea that what I was putting into my body was fueling my sickness. Gluten and dairy have now been eliminated from my diet for the past 4 years, but at this time they were staples in my diet. As well as processed sugar and fast food. Added to the improper fuel I was giving my body, I was also over training. I played hockey twice per week and worked out seven days a week. I was not allowing my body the proper rest period it needed to recover and during my second year I did some pretty bad damage to my left knee. I remember skating and feeling a pop followed by a burning sensation. My leg was gradually turning black and blue and by the time I had driven from the rink back to school parking, I couldn’t even walk to my residence. Luckily, over time this injury fully healed.

During my third year at my university, we were lucky enough to apply to specific schools to have a semester abroad. My dream school was the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. I was selected to spend six months here and I couldn’t have been more excited. Little would I know that I might end up contracting Lyme Disease here. The full story of how and where I got Lyme is still unknown to me, but in Australia is where I first started exhibiting symptoms. I have never been bitten by a tick or had a bulls eye rash. One day, after a trip to an island with some of my new friends, I decided to go to the gym like I always did. Only to have my face shrivel up and look like I aged 50 years in a matter of minutes. (See attached photo) This was my first inclination that something must be wrong. I specifically remember at the time that I thought I was going to die. I rushed myself to the clinic only for it to be closed. I could feel my heart rate slowing and I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something. Luckily, one of my friends found me and took me to another clinic. By the time I got there, the reaction had stopped and the doctor told me I was dehydrated. But, it was much more than that. I started having full body rashes regularly and the doctor that I went to see in Australia put my on a steroid. Me, trusting that the doctors knew more than I did, took the steroid daily. It may have masked my symptoms for the time being, but the damage the pills were doing to my body was almost irreversible.

Fast forward to the summer before my final year of university, I dove off of a friend’s dock in Muskoka into the lake and hit the bottom. At the time nobody would understand the extent of the injury, thinking I got away lucky with only about 20 stitches in my scalp. But, within a few months, my whole life changed. Having to withdraw from university in my final year due to extreme pain, my mentality began to spiral. Never before had I seen an injury that I couldn’t heal. I began having very dark thoughts and my dreams were focused on different ways of ending my life. I never want to tell anybody I was having these thoughts because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy. So I bottled it all up inside and suffered from depression and had recurring thoughts that it was all my fault. Over a year had passed and I was making no progress with some of the top doctors in Canada. The overall thinking was there is something else going on here. Multiple blood panels were done and I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. My blood was sent to Cyrex Labs in California which determined I had antigens for almost every known illness. One of the practitioners thought it may be Chronic Lyme, so my blood was then sent to a lab in Germany called Armin Labs. Armin identified that what I had was indeed Chronic Lyme Disease. I had been misdiagnosed multiple times in Canada for Lyme because our Western Blot Test misses Chronic Lyme 95% of the time. How crazy is that? I finally ended up sending my blood to Armin Labs in Germany where they test for cytokines and they found multiple strands of Lyme in my blood. This, I was told, was incurable and that I could manage the symptoms, but would have to live with it forever. At the same time as I was going through all of this, my closest friends were having the time of their lives in the final year of University. I felt broken.

The hardest thing that I had to do at the time was withdraw from University. It seemed as though nobody understood the extreme pain that I was in 24/7. I couldn’t even get to sleep without lying in bed for hours in chronic pain. The headaches would be just above my eyes and I wouldn’t be able to watch TV or even sit in a car without feeling more pain. I saw all of my friend’s having the time of their lives while I packed my things and headed home hoping every day that I would be back to school to graduate with my class. When I got home, the symptoms only progressed and I started feeling insurmountable depression. Not only was I in extreme pain, but it was consistent and relentless. I was broken down by the physical pain daily and my mental endurance was weakening. I was in pain, but the feeling of brain fog, or not being in control was the scariest. The only way to explain it was not having access to my thoughts and feeling like a prisoner in my own body. I went through emotional and mental breakdowns weekly and there came a time where I thought it would be easier to just not continue. My friends and family didn’t seem to understand. There was a period of 3+ years where I couldn’t go to social gatherings because the stimulus would cause me agonizing pain. I missed Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all family holidays. Ironically, I was social distancing before it was government mandated and when I got better I was not allowed to see anybody.

It seemed as though I was going all over the world trying to treat my Traumatic Brain Injury as well as find a doctor literate in Lyme Treatment. From opticians on the west coast of the USA to concussion specialists in Michigan and Lyme specialist via virtual consultations. The truth of the matter was, the stress was only making me worse. There came a point in time where the pain was so bad and the hope was gone. Then, I got lucky. One of my Dad’s old colleagues cured his daughter of Chronic Lyme Disease through a practitioner in Michigan. As a last ditch effort, I gave frequency healing a shot and treated myself every day on the advice of his practitioner. This frequency healing was administered through a Rife machine that I had purchased from True Rife. If you don’t already know who Dr. Royal Rife is and you are struggling from chronic illness, it is worth looking into. He is famed for curing Stage 4 cancer and having all of his research destroyed. How it worked for me was I would see my doctor once a month and she would scan me looking for frequencies that corelated to Lyme Disease and coinfections. I was skeptic at first, but when her scans were identical to the blood work I had done prior, I was all in. The original scans showed that my body was being taken over by Lyme Disease and Coinfections such as Babesia and many others. I would go home and treat myself with my Rife machine based on the program that my doctor gave to me. 5 days a week I treated myself for about 2 hours a day. I would connect my True Rife Machine to my laptop where I had the software downloaded. I would then run the program that my practitioner had sent to me via email in the software. My feet would be submerged in water and the True Rife frequency emitter would be in the water with my feet. In the beginning, I was feeling horrible after each treatment due to the Herxheimer reactions which was my body trying to flush out the killed toxins. But, after about 4 months, I saw tremendous changes in my overall health. After 8 months, blood panels couldn’t find a trace of Lyme Disease and I was feeling almost back to myself. Ironically enough, my head was feeling much better as well. The treatment was not easy, but once I saw that it was working I was dedicated to it. Coming from a feeling of giving up to having something that was working and healing me was indescribable. Even though I was still very ill while treating, my mentality switched and I went from having depression to having hope. I now know that my mentality switch was a big reason that I fully recovered. I have incorporated meditation into my daily routine and it has allowed me to progress my mentality and my health even further.

Once I started frequency healing, my father finally found a treatment for my neck that we thought would work. I would fly to Florida once a month to get stem cell, PRP, and prolotherapy injected into my upper neck at the Caring Medical Facility. It was determined that I had cervical spine instability through a motion x-ray and the injections were to promote healing. I did about 15 rounds of these injections, each just as painful as the last and I believe that this was a contributor to my headaches fading away. To this day I still sleep with a cervical spine pillow which keeps my neck in the proper position. Prior to testing the injections in my neck, I had torn my hip labrum and could barely walk. A surgeon told me I would need a new hip. So, instead of getting a new hip, I got 7 rounds of PRP and Prolotherapy in my hip and it is as good as new. That is how I knew that it could work for my neck and my head.

Over the next year I worked extensively with holistic practitioners through diet, proper supplementation, mindfulness, and exercise. I started implementing mindfulness practices into my daily routine such as journaling and meditation. All I can say is that the power of the mind is not a joke, and meditation is healing. I now make nutrition and mindfulness a top priority and incorporate it into my everyday routine no matter what. My fiancé is a holistic nutritionist and she is one of the main reasons I am alive and well today. If you can surround yourself with people who truly love and support you, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. It starts with you. The energy that you put out is what you will receive. So stay positive and keep striving towards your health and wellness goals.

Once I felt better and better I decided I was going to finish my Bcom degree at Queen’s. Inspired by my own journey to rock bottom and back, I decided it was my purpose to become the healthiest I had ever been and to help others do the same. I am now a Chronic Lyme Disease Coach and it is my goal to help people create a clear path towards their health and wellness goals. The journey to complete health is not easy, but it is attainable and I am grateful to have the ability to share my story in the hopes of helping others.

If you are interested in working with me, follow the link below to book your free initial consultation today!

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