Double Your Energy in 90 Days

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Change takes time, understanding, and commitment. I have created the Double Your Energy in 90 Days program to help you understand your illness, how proper nutrition can directly impact your energy, develop mindfulness techniques to help you thrive now, plan for your full recovery, and stay accountable by reaching milestones through each step of the process. Your goal is to become 100% healthy, and mine is to clear the path to get you there.

Are you?


Exhausted and feel as though your life is slipping away from you?

Battling Chronic Illness or undiagnosed?

Feeling pretty powerless to do anything about it?

Feel as though you have tried every single treatment and still aren’t getting better?
Frustrated with not getting the answers and healing you are looking for? 
Have been told that your illness is incurable?


Wellness is more than just a physical state, but it is a state of mind. To be well, you have to create a positive environment for yourself which starts within you. Your mindset is the key to unlocking healing. Over time, through self-work, we are able to switch our resting state of thinking from chronic negativity, to an abundance of positivity. 
Wellness starts with how we fuel ourselves. Whether that be through food, or energy. Emotions resonate as frequencies just as illnesses do. You may find that someone who is angry can bring down the emotions of the room. Or, that someone who is happy can raise your vibrations to match theirs. Self-love is a process that will begin your true healing journey. Without it, we can create a toxic internal environment for ourselves that perpetuates illness. 
Beyond guiding you towards treatment paths that may work for you, I will help you create a lifestyle that promotes wellness and allows your body to accept healing. 


Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the energy you want

Develop a powerful vision for what doubling your energy will mean you and for your life

Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are sapping your energy...and what to do about it

Learn to create amazing long-lasting habits that will transform your life

Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to double your energy in 90 days or less



One on One Zoom Session with me going through each step of the process

Journal Prompts to do prior to our next session 

Meditation Schedule to follow throughout the week

Specific Deliverables related to each phase of the process


12 One on One Zoom Sessions

Sustained Habit Creation

Optimal Nutrition Guidance
Transformative Journal Prompts
Meditation Schedule 

Hypnosis Generation
Specific Deliverables/ Homework
Email Support
“SOS” text/ direct message access for even more support
Access to private Facebook Group to connect with positive like-minded chronically ill people (coming soon)




1 payment of $1888

Save $242



3 payments of $644

Save $198


Bi Weekly

6 payments of $355

Extra Zoom Sessions

Extra Zoom Sessions can be purchased at a rate of $150 CAD + HST (13%) per 1 ZOOM session. These can be purchased at any time throughout the Program for additional support when needed. 

Ready to go from chronically ill to abundantly healthy?