Jordan’s journey to becoming a wellness coach was a happy accident which led him to find and pursue his true purpose of helping other people achieve their health and wellness goals. Jordan has overcome Chronic Lyme Disease and a Traumatic Brain Injury which he was told by medical doctors he would have to live with forever. After many years of antibiotics, antidepressants, surgeries, and pain killers, Jordan had enough and turned to alternative medicine. Through a 4 year long journey of self-growth and countless practitioners, Jordan was able to completely eradicate his Chronic Lyme Disease and has no side effects from his Traumatic Brain Injury. He didn’t stop there and received a BCom Degree from the Smith School of Business and became a certified Personal Trainer through CanFit Pro.  

Jordan had always been an avid gym goer and athlete, mainly playing high level hockey throughout high school and university. Jordan played for the Newmarket Hurricanes Jr. A Hockey team from ages 15-17 prior to going to Queen’s University to obtain his undergraduate degree in Business. During Jordan’s final year of Jr. A, he won the Scholastic Player of the Year Award, and decided to pursue continuing education. While at university, Jordan continued playing hockey for the Gananoque Islander’s Jr. B team. Fitness had always been one of Jordan’s top priorities. After every season of hockey was finished, Jordan would work with a Personal Trainer to improve his overall fitness level and hockey skills. Additionally, he trained with an MMA coach because he loved the intensity of the workouts.  

Fast forward to the summer before Jordan’s final year of university, he dove off of a dock in Muskoka into the lake and hit the bottom. At the time nobody would understand the extent of the injury, thinking he got away lucky with only about 20 stitches in his scalp. But within a few months, Jordan’s whole life changed. Having to withdraw from university in his final year due to extreme pain, Jordan’s mentality began to spiral. Never before had he seen an injury that he couldn’t heal. Over a year had passed and Jordan was making no progress with some of the top doctors in Canada. The overall consensus was that there was something else going on. Multiple blood panels were done and Jordan was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. This, he was told, was incurable and that he could manage the symptoms, but would have to live with it forever. 


It seemed as though Jordan was going all over the world trying to treat his Traumatic Brain Injury as well as find a doctor literate in Lyme Treatment. From opticians on the west coast of the USA to concussion specialists in Michigan and Lyme specialists via virtual consultations. The truth of the matter was, the stress was only making Jordan worse. There came a point in time where the pain was so bad and the hope was gone. Then, he got lucky. One of his dad’s old colleagues cured his daughter of Chronic Lyme Disease through a practitioner in Michigan. As a last ditch effort, Jordan gave frequency healing a shot and treated himself every day on the advice of his practitioner. After 8 months, blood panels couldn’t find a trace of Lyme Disease and Jordan was feeling almost back to himself. 

Jordan in kitchen making lemonade

Over the next year, Jordan would work extensively with holistic practitioners through diet, proper supplementation, mindfulness, and exercise. He felt better and better and decided he was going to finish his BCom degree at Queen’s. Inspired by his own journey to rock bottom and back, Jordan decided it was his purpose to become the healthiest he had ever been and to help others do the same. 


Today, Jordan is a Chronic Lyme Disease Coach who works with people who are looking to take back the life that they rightfully deserve!


Jordan takes a holistic approach to personal wellness which includes proper nutrition, treatment plans, mindfulness, and exercise. 


Jordan’s mission is simple. He wants his clients to reach their goals because he has been in their position. Sometimes the hardest part of overcoming your obstacle is not having a clear path towards your goals. By learning about what motivates you and keeps you interested, Jordan will work to clear up the confusion and create a clear path to what you want to achieve. Even if you have failed before with other people or on your own, Jordan understands that was just another step towards success.

credentials, experience + expertise

Overcame Chronic Lyme Disease & Traumatic Brain Injury

CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer

BCom 2020 Smith School of Business




I’m fortunate to be able to have access to Jordan and all of his teachings. His healing journey is a testament to his overall commitment to health, his persistence in understanding the root cause of illness, and the patience that is required to do this. All of this cannot be accomplished without a deep sense of love which Jordan gives to himself daily - a true inspiration.



 Jordan’s drive, motivation + ability to overcome adversity is not to be overlooked. His approach to wellness, mindfulness + healing inspires me everyday to be my best self. He is an example of how your mindset + a change in habits can change your life for the better. I’ve seen his recovery from Chronic Lyme disease first-hand and I can say that anyone working with him would deeply benefit from his knowledge and can use the practices he has adopted to change their lives as well.



In short, Jordan is a naturally gifted trainer, and having him to challenge and cheer me on, especially during the pandemic, has helped immeasurably in my ongoing battle not to let the old man in! 




I am grateful to be fully healthy, happy, and pain free.


I have been repeating this mantra to myself and in my morning journal even when I was sick. With a mantra, you are able to plant an intention and see it manifest into real life.


Whatever your goals are for yourself, write them down in the present tense as if you have already achieved them.


Pilates/ Yoga.


My fiancé Lauren has gotten me very interested in Power Pilates and Yoga. For those of you who cannot exercise right now because of your situation, a yoga flow might be something that you can fit into your routine. Yoga is not only amazing for your body, but for your mind as well. 





I fully acknowledge that the amount of sugar in a slice of cake cannot be healthy. And, although I still maintain a gluten and dairy free diet to this day, I will still enjoy some gluten and dairy free cake from time to time. Sometimes we have to just live and enjoy our cravings!



Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles:


This was an easy pick for me. I wasn’t into reality TV about a year ago, but for some reason the story lines are hyper addictive. I love Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles because not only do you get the drama, but you also get to see beautiful homes. It is also inspiring to me. 




I have nothing against cats, so don’t get me wrong. I grew up on a hobby farm where we had horses, a cow, a donkey, mini horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. Now, I have two dogs with my fiancé Lauren and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.